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Catalina UHS-1

Introducing the UHS-1

The UHS-1 is an unmanned aerial system that carries a remotely operated vehicle as its payload. The UAS can fly to a location and land on the water, acting as a communications hub for the ROV.

The ROV is managed by a winch and tether system above the water, making the whole system manageable from a single base station. Rail systems on the ROV allow auxiliary equipment such as sediment samplers, sonar, and water quality sensors.


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Completely Customizable

Cameras |Sonar | Lights | Samplers | Sensors 

Customize your model to fit your individual needs. We’ll help you find the best fit for your application.

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Intelligent Data Acquisition

HD Video | Images | GPS | Depth | Temperature

The H1 comes standard with all the basic features you’ll need.

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Intuitive Navigation

Environmental Research |Emergency Response |Inspection Services.

Respond quickly and efficiently using the H1’s built-in GPS guidance and ROV deployment system.

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Choose from a fully capable base-model or create a custom vehicle for your solution

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Hybrid Robotics Subsea Environmental Research


Subsea Infrastructure

Environmental Monitoring

Emergency Spill Response

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Hybrid Robotics Teams and Business

Meet the Team

Matt Goddard


Founder & CEO

Matt Goddard is a former combat engineer in the U.S Marine Corps. He studied Unmanned Aerial Systems at Northwestern Michigan College and has over 8 years’ experience in the UAS industry. Matt plays an instrumental role in the vision and development of Hybrid Robotics.

Clayton Harbin


Founder & Head of Subsea Systems

Clayton Harbin studied Marine Technology at Northwestern Michigan College. Clayton’s background consists of Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs), Hydrographic Surveying, Sonar Systems, and GIS. Clayton oversees all subsea activities and developments at Hybrid Robotics.

Matt Goddard


Founder & Head of Research and Design

Aaron has more than five years of experience in electrical and mechanical system design. He is working towards Northwestern Michigan College’s Marine Technology bachelor program. Aaron is the lead research and development officer at Hybrid Robotics.

Matt Goddard


Founder & Head of Unmanned Aerial Systems

Coming from a long RC background, Ryan has over 12 years of experience with remote controlled vehicles. He has a degree in Unmanned Aerial Systems from Northwestern Michigan College and is a fully licensed UAS pilot. Ryan is the chief UAS expert for Hybrid Robotics and oversees all aerial operations.

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